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More about Us

Our Mission

The mission of The Good Samaritan Center is to provide a safe, Christ-centered environment that gives our patients quality, coordinated and affordable health care.----

Our Vision

In recognition that we are one community under God, the Good Samaritan Center seeks to humbly serve our neighbors in need.

  • Patients: Bless patients by consistently going the extra mile for them.
  • Volunteers: Bless volunteers with the opportunity to participate in the healing of their neighbors.
  • Donors: Bless donors for their decision to partner in our mission.

We honor, cherish and respect our patients, volunteers and donors.


We publish newsletters periodically for our volunteers and supporters. Below is a list of some of the them. You can also subscribe to our newsletters by filling out the form.

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A Brief History


The Good Samaritan Center has its origin with Sara Allerkamp, R.N., who founded the Free Clinic in 1992. After going on several medical mission trips to Mexico, God stirred her heart that there are people right here who need help too. She organized the Free Clinic in Fredericksburg with help from volunteer doctors and nurses and Hill Country Memorial Hospital.


The Free Clinic operated one day a week for 10 years, relying on volunteer doctors and nurses. In June of 2002 it became the foundation of the Fredericksburg Community Health Center, which was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) entity. The Fredericksburg Community Health Center continued to operate the free clinic, while funding was sought to build and open a dedicated health million through the donations of individuals, churches and organizations within the Hill Country, and grants from area foundations. On June 1st, 2004, The Good Samaritan Center opened the doors of its new 13,000 square foot facility at 140 Industrial Loop in Fredericksburg.

Continued Growth

With the construction of The Good Samaritan Center, healthcare is available four days a week by both paid and volunteer staff. In 2008 the center saw 2,226 medical appointments and provided over $120,000 in free medications


Soon after the building opened in 2004, the Center was able to start its dental program. Using funds provide primarily by the Fredericksburg Rotary Noon and Morning Clubs, the Center purchased two new dental operatories, and began providing exams, fillings, and extractions with five volunteer dentists. Eventually, four hygienists joined the dentists to provide cleanings as well. Dental health is often one of the most neglected aspects of health care among the working poor. Currently the Dental Clinic operates three days a week and provides dental education, fillings, cleanings, and extractions. We saw 1,009 dental and hygiene appointments in 2008.

The Diabetes Care Program was established to prevent complications of diabetes through education, testing, eye examinations, and one-to-one counseling. It started with a volunteer Certified Diabetes Educator in 2005, and, thanks to a grant from The Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation, we were able to make the diabetes educator a paid staff position in 2006. In 2008, the diabetes educator saw 235 one-on-one appointments, started a monthly support group, and the center began providing free blood sugar testing strips to patients so that they would feel empowered to manage their disease themselves. The Center's goal is to help diabetic clients identify and make the lifestyle changes neccessary to achieve better control of their diabetes and maintain better physical, spiritual and mental health. The center currently counts around 120 patients on its registry.

Finally, in 2007, the center piloted a mental health counseling program through a partnership with Catholic Counseling and Consulting Services from San Antonio. Depression is a serious issue facing the working poor, and our ability to provide bilingual counseling is a critical service. In 2008 we saw 75 counseling appointments, and hope it is over 100 in 2009.

Lest we forget who is behind all that is done here, the center's leadership, staff, and volunteeers recognize that the extraodinary things the center has accomplished are because God has ordained them and provide for them. He has stirred his people to move. He has brought about a tremendous collection of faithful people to help. And He has poured out His love through us.


"If it wasn't for the employees of this facility, a lot of needy people would go without. Keep up the good work."

"This is a great dental service for me. I would not be able to afford the service elsewhere. The staff is great."

"I have been coming here for over a year. Always treated with respect and no matter what the issue is, I'm given the info I need or where to go and get the help I need."

"I thank you all for the interest and care in my health."

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